All winter, I take pictures of snow creations, documenting the construction and the gradual demise of these monuments to impermenence. If taking pictures of snowmen has taught me anything, it's that people regard you as highly suspicious for taking pictures of snowmen. Some will ask what you're doing, others tell you to get away from their snow property. It's strange how possessive people can be over flakes of solidified water...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

venus de milo

Sadly, the ravages of time and sunshine had already taken their toll by the time I discovered her on a backroad not too far from my house. I couldn't let it go one second more with documenting her for posterity.

Not only do I admire the artist's obvious skill, but also his or her willingness to be seen cupping snow-breasts out in their front yard, in plain view of God and everyone. But then, there is no art without suffering, or at the very least, awkwardness.


Blogger Sylvana said...

Geez. Our city's citizens really take their snow people seriously!

2/07/2006 09:04:00 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

"there is no art without suffering, or at the very least, awkwardness"

Perfectly said.

3/05/2006 04:02:00 AM


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